Decoding a New Age of Informal Learning

Defining Public Pedagogy for the Web

As you are well-aware, informal learning has drastically changed in the past two decades as information and interaction online has grown and evolved. Much informal learning today occurs online, but many non-profit and governmental institutions do not yet understand and effectively utilize the new ecosystem in their outreach. Therefore, this study aims to provide a model for educational design and evaluation in the present online environment. 

I have chosen a collective case study methodology to illustrate effective design of informal online learning and related evaluation methods that can be employed. This study is nearly wrapped up. I look forward to sharing a link when it is complete. 
If you have any questions regarding this study, please contact me at

I hope that the results of my study will be of benefit to those organizations directly involved in the study, other outreach education organizations not directly involved in the study, as well as to the broader informal online learning research community.