Photo by  Marah Christine .

Photo by Marah Christine.

I'm Alison Anderson Holland, a tech-savvy, creative institutional designer and outreach professional.

I help scientists, artists, educators, and researchers who want to share the cool, important stuff they know with a wider audience.

I discovered my love for education through dance, my love for educational technology while working in healthcare career promotion at a technical college, and got to bring them together as a Teaching Artist for the Cowles Center’s distance learning program from 2013 to 2015.  At the same time, I was also facilitating projects for the Minnesota Partnership for Collaborative Curriculum, starting a community-wide conversation that lead to the creation of a downtown Mora, MN pocket park, and helping to develop the Rural Arts Program at Franconia Sculpture Park.  

These experiences have helped me grow to lead projects with clear strategic plans, collaborative development, and helpful outcome measures, not just make "shiny new things" that might seem cool.

Check out some of my latest projects with University of Minnesota Extension faculty, educators, and staff.

So I help design and create new education and outreach initiatives with people who want to step out of their comfort zones to share what they know with more people in a meaningful way.

Because your expertise can change the world. I'll help you share it!