Hello, I’m Alison.

I’m a digital learning designer and researcher.

I work in the University of Minnesota’s college of Extension, helping scientists and science communicators expand or deepen their reach. Together we share their messages online to engage the curious public.

How I got here:

A true millennial, I am driven to make a difference. My career path has been winding, but not wandering. Purposeful moves have allowed me to gain a breadth and depth of experience, making the most of my liberal arts education.


Through my diverse experiences, I realized I don't just want to teach movement, nor simply put curriculum online. I want to use the internet to fuel movements for the greater good through informal learning design.

I also discovered there's a lot still unknown about how people learn from the content they consume online. So I do empirical research to add to our collective understanding in this field, and use that knowledge to serve as a change agent, working with teams to explore how learning technologies could allow them to more effectively and efficiently reach audiences and disseminate research-based information.

I have a collaborative, interdisciplinary approach and welcome the opportunity to work with other researchers with intersecting interests and complementary expertise.

We learn informally online every day, whether we realize it or not. For facts to "win" today's information war, we need to understand more about the informal learning process and potential learning outcomes within web-based spaces.

It’s how we can support democracy.